common sense, paines common sense, COMMON SENSE PAINE, paines cottage, national historical association, tom, founding fathers, real american heros,

pens, pencils, writing supplies, ink, ink cartridges, printers
, old time printers, heritage news, newspapers, swords, ancient swords, samurai swords

dust brooms, sweepers,
Get Your BROOM On Sweeper, the living, gifted life, flourishing, pit, piTted, pendulum, swinging, BANNER holding TRAGEDY, sowing

clocks ringing, gov's breeding, CCEing, hiding something again, twice diced, cock crowed thrice, iced, cubes, who did news, knews, snooze

zombie you, at it again, still, stupid, oblivious too, TRAGEDIES seed, sown by you, undone

cool sayings, words of wit, truth resounding, wind chimes,. ... .. . wind chiMes..  -  can ya hear iT?

oops,. tricked you into,. P R e TeNd iN g,. again.

why not to try,..  why not to, RETURN to something more,. c a l m  and  NATURAL,. like.

a clear understanding of those now in your house,.

system intertwined commandeering,.

 ReaL ReaLiTy run amuck,. the Flowery BuLLsHiT enclavics

illiterate,. ill led,.. system intertwined PAID rewarded

raping of the rest,. and the one gift,. NATURAL ORDER

upon which,. LiFe, and the GiFT, living

now raped, daily.. by for example,


GAS CLOUDING sKiTS amongst a host of other

plain site NATURAL ORDER,. rape

and at cost,. ARE CALLED.. destruction.

Intentionally, obviously, degraded

is, NOT maintained.

Spraying into, where well flourishing is, without

are, rape.

Failed NWOing of reRenditioned


stupidities and,.. rape

funded anticized, the only options offered

profiting the, in pocket, for system status vying, few.

System commandeering CONglomerates, only choices

like the agonizing cancer protocol only

profiteers maintain

sold to citizen,  slaves   or else

IS.. (just to name a few)

what it,. IS.

Peoples Assembly you too!
 The Original You,. Virtual Too!